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        Ethiopian Opals 

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contra luz opal Ethiopian Contra Luz Opal 8.5x7mm about 1 ct. Clean! A very rare and unusual stone. OPL817 1 100.00  
contraluz opal Orange Base ContaLuz Opal also from Ethiopia. 7x6mm oval.  Small inclusion. Very unusual OPL827 1 25.00  
Unique 35ct. Ethiopian Opal Orange base with orange, yellow and green fire over the entire opal.  A lot more than what the photo reveals. Some matrix on the bottom of the stone. Some crazing but seems stable. 29x22mm oval. OPL835 1 140.00  
Top Gem Opal  Blazing colors roll across this stone as it is moved in the light.  1.95cts 10x9.5mm light crystal base.  More pics below! OPL823 1 160.00  
Click to see enlarged! Pictures can't do this one justice.  Amazingly bright fire! Flawless.
Brown Base 14x11.5mm Interesting stone. At first glance you see no fire, but as you turn it in the light it shows bright flashes of green, blue & especially red. Great for mens jewelry or collector's piece. OPL814 1


ethiopian fire opal Ethiopian Fire Opal Fabulous orange color.  5ct.  13x11.5mm. Eye Clean! OPL506 1 100.00  
Ethiopian Fire Opal  5.5ct 14.5x12.5mm.  Some fractures but still a pretty stone. OPL504 1 Sold  
Ethiopian Fire Opal 6ct.  15x13mm.  Long hairline inclusion on table, otherwise very clean. OPL503 1 Sold  
ethiopian fire opal Ethiopian Fire Opal Cabochon 14x15.5mm oval Spectacular color! About 7.5ct. OPL505 1 30.00  

Ethiopian Opal Rough

Ethiopian Opal 4.7gr  Top gem grade. Multi color fire with mahogany brown base. EOR047 1 50.00  
Ethiopian Opal 2.2 gr. Broad flashes or vivid red and green fire.  Looks solid & stable. EOR022 1 20.00  
Ethiopian Opal   14.5gr. good red, green and blue fire evident in sunlight.  A couple of large internal fractures but should cut 2 or 3 nice, clean stones EOR145 1 70.00 SOLD
Ethiopian Opal 19.75grams!  Large, bright orange nodule with some flashes of red & green opalescence.  Some fractures but should be able to cut a couple of nice stones. Fabulous specimen piece! EOR197 1 50.00


Ethiopian Opal 5.95gr. Good red & green fire but a lot of fractures. Good for small clean stones, large cab or great specimen piece. EOR059 1 15.00  
Ethiopian Opal 11gr.  Crystal clear, colorless opal! Still attached to part of the rhyolite nodule it was found in. One large fracture so could cut 2 nice faceted stones. EOR110 1 25.00  
Ethiopian Opal 29.7gr. Spectacular orange color.  Too fractured to cut any big clean stones but a fantastic specimen piece or possibly a large cab. EOR297 1 95.00  
Ethiopian Opal Rough Parcels 100 ct. lots.  Clear orange base.  5-8 pieces per lot EOR100 3 35.00  


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